Limited Availability Notice: Please note that due to time constraints my availability is currently very limited. You may want to use a local repair shop to address your issues for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Personal Remote Computer Guy!

Shuswap Computer is now Virtual Computer Shop, an online repair shop for your computer run by Ben Drolet. It works much like bringing your computer in to a physical repair shop, but without disconnecting any cables or taking it anywhere. I can come onto your screen a go over your issues with you, or work on it alone once you get me connected.


There are many types of issues that we can assist with remotely, including virus removal, tuneup work, installing and setting up software, and repairing problems.

Cleaning & Tuneups

We can remove viruses, other harmful software, and unneeded files from your computer, as well as provide maintenance and tuneup work.


From fixing minor issues with programs to major ones with the operating system, we can get your computer running like new again.


We can correctly install and configure software applications. We can also help you setup a new computer.

Remote Help in a Few Clicks

Have us connect to your screen remotely. No need haul your computer in to a shop. Instant and convenient.


How It Works

You can get your computer repaired remotely by following these simple steps

Schedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment. Appointments are set in six hour blocks. You computer is fixed within this time period.

Install the Remote Software

Prior to your appointment time I will email you a link that allows you to connect your computer to the repair shop (also called joining the session). 

Wait For Repair to Complete

I will connect to your computer and work on it during the appointment block. Your screen will display a message saying it is being worked on, and you should not try to use the computer during this time. 

Receive and Pay the Invoice

Once the work is done I will email you an invoice, which you can securely pay online with a credit card, or with an e-Transfer.

What I Can Do Remotely

The following are some examples of the types of things I can assist with remotely, and the types of things I cannot. If you are having an issue that I am unable to assist with, then I recommend taking your computer to a physical repair shop.



Your Plan

Disk Space




Email Accounts

Email Accounts


Your Text

Your Text


Can D0

I can do these things remotely. Go ahead and book an appointment now!

Remove Viruses

Speed up slow computer

Perform updates

Install Programs

Install Printer software

Repair Software Problems

Setup a New Computer

Set up email accounts

Show you how to do things

Can't Do

I'm not Able to Help with these things. A local repair shop would be best. 

Replace Screens

Replace Batteries

Repair or replace parts

reinstall operating system

anything involving hardware