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iDrive is a cloud backup service that allows you to backup your computers securely over the internet. There is no physical backup drive to worry about losing. Backups are safely stored online and can be accessed from anywhere. A subscription gives you 2TB or backup storage, and you can backup an unlimited number of devices. Shuswap Computer is an authorized iDrive reseller, so be sure to use the link on this page when signing up!


I am often asked which antivirus program I recommend. I usually point people to AV-TEST, a company in Germany that regularly runs tests of all the top antivirus programs and rates them based on the test results. If you are wondering how your software compares to others or are thinking of making a change, have a look here.

Salmon Arm Auto & Truck

Not at all computer related, but he's my brother and his shop is right beside mine 🙂 Paul is one of the best mechanics out there and he has great rates. His shop features two bays, one with a full size hoist. He fixes cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles from small to heavy duty. Try him out - you probably wont go anywhere else again once you have.